Campout Survival Guide

Do you think you have what it takes to survive a summer camp weekend with Fright Nights Campout? Read our Survival Guide carefully, you may even find clues to making it through the Survival Games.

Required Items

  • Flashlight
  • Old clothes (they may get ruined)
  • Old Shoes (ladies this does not mean old high heels)
  • Bedding for bunks
  • Toiletries
  • Flip Flops for Showers

Recommended Items

  • Cooler (no liquor, we will search all coolers)
  • Change of clothes
  • Sleeping bag & pillow (if you actually plan on sleeping)
  • Water and snacks
  • Diapers
  • Extra Socks
  • Your Onesie and Sippy Cup
  • Small fold up Chair

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Fright Nights Survival Game?

    The Fright Nights Campout Survival Game is a high impact, interactive camp game playoff where you will compete against the monsters and your fellow campers to see who will take home the honor of being crowned Fright Nights Camout Ultimate Survivor!

  • How long does FNC last?

    Weekend experience lasts up to 29 hours, a single night experience is up to 16 hours.

  • When should I arrive?

    Registration is from 4-6 nightly but you will be emailed a suggested arrival time in order to keep registration lines from getting too long at one time. So be a good Camper and do what the email says.

  • Will food be provided?

    Yes, bring an appetite. We like to serve good ole fashioned camp food including hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and other bad for you foods for dinner. For lunch we serve sandwiches and sides. For breakfast you can expect a mixture of muffins, doughnuts and bagels.

  • Will the actors touch me?

    YES. Our actors are allowed to touch you once you exit the Pansy Zone.

  • Will I be in any real danger?

    No. Fright Nights Campout is just for fun, we will never harm you.

  • Can I do drugs and drink alcohol and act like a complete redneck idiot while at FNC?

    No. If you do drugs or drink alcohol we will use your head to open the gate as we drag you away.

  • I'm under 18, can I still get in?

    The suggested age is 18 and up. Campers 16-17 years old must have a parent/guardian sign our waiver and parent/guardian must attend event as a ticket holder and accompany the underage campers throughout the experience. Ages 15 years and younger are not permitted in FNC.

  • How much does it cost?

    Weekend Package is $179 and includes 2 nights of bunkhouse accommodation and all meals.

    One Night Package is $99 and includes 1 night of bunkhouse accommodation and all meals.

    Guts Tent Package is $109 and includes 1 night of Tent accommodation, all meals, fully immersive horror experience.

    Please select your location for complete details.

  • What are the different ticket packages?

    Weekend Package, which begins Friday at 4pm and concludes Sunday at 9:30am and includes 5 meals and your bunk accommodation is $179 per person. The One Night Package, which begins at 4pm the night of your choosing and concludes at 9:30am the following day and includes 2 meals is $99 per person.

  • Will I be able to sleep at Fright Nights Campout?

    Since this is a choose your own adventure experience then yes, you can sleep anytime. You will have a bunk for each night that you stay with us and you are free to catch zzzs anytime. The monsters can enter the bunkhouse, but they may just want to tuck you in and bring you some milk and cookies. Guts Tent Campers will not be getting much sleep as when regular Campers are going to bed, the Guts Tent experience is truly just beginning.

  • Are weapons allowed on the premises?

    Due to the nature of the event, we do not allow CDW or any type of deadly weapon on the premises.

  • What happens if it rains?

    We get wet together.

  • What if I get too scared and I want the monsters to stop?

    Just scream in fear and say "I'm a big Pansy" and they will stop.

  • What will happen if I go to a camp counselor and demand my money back because I cannot stay the entire night because I'm too scared?

    The Camp Counselor will laugh.

  • How you will keep me safe at Fright Nights Campout?

    We employ our own private security team, both in uniform and who pose as regular Campers, to constantly patrol the event. Running a secure and safe event is our top priority and everyone on the Fright Nights Campout staff, from actors to camp counselors, are trained to deal with security concerns. If a Camper violates our rules, our security team will gladly escort them off the premises.

  • Can I go to and from my vehicle once I enter FNC?

    No, one you enter FNC, you must stay within the boundaries. If you elect to go to your car for any reason, you will not be able to gain re-entry.

  • Where do we #1 and #2?

    Please keep all your #1's and #2's in the onsite restroom facilities.

  • What is the Black Light Dance Party all about?

    Each night we will have a big dance party and its your chance to unwind, get to know new people, get to know some of the monsters and get your campout experience started right! We want to have fun with our Campers before we make you cry in fear so get ready to par-tay. Friday the theme will be 80's and 90's horror movies and Saturday will be 2000's to current horror movie theme. Campers are encouraged to dress up as their favorite horror movie character (monster or victim) from that period. Don't get too comfortable during the dance though, our monsters have a habit of getting tired of playing nice for long.